by Hamish Gavin vs. Stakker

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released October 3, 2016

Lyrics / Vocals: Hamish Gavin
Production: Richard Baldwin aka Stakker



all rights reserved


Hamish Gavin New Zealand

Songwriter and producer from New Zealand - rapping over home-made Electro/Hip-hop. Album coming eventually.

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Track Name: Separations
The Government's gon' fuck our whole shit up
Rage Against the Machine when I pick the mic up
I be busting rhymes like US pigs bust clips
Like refugees been thrown out of their digs
They done got kicked out
Like we done kicked the jams out
Destabilised - No land but that's alright
Displaced people party tonight!
No love for everybody in this world
Only Separations over this Earth
Black & White & North & South
Everybody try'na fight but it's all hell
Everybody try'na fight make it hell
Skyscrapers going up burn 'em all down
Not literally 'cause that's terrorist
Like Gandhi we go pacifist

'Cause these Separations are overstated
Shouldn't even need to say it but it's implicated
By referendums and rigged elections
That divide - Open your eyes
We're not different - Just because of colour
Not disparate - Just because of nations
Not separate - Just because of some opinion
Open your mind let the hatred subside
Negative demise
If they divide
Than we let them conquer us
If we all stand together and Trust
We can fuck their whole shit up..